Sunday, October 30, 2005

Jumping on the Bandwagon!

And so, just like all global trends, I pretty much feel obligated to join this ever-so-popular "blog" mania. Writing really is not my forte and never really was. Many would even say that I should stick to debating and public speaking, or as others would call it, "bullshitting." I really have no specific purpose of starting a blog, but its a good way to get back to writing and polishing my skills! In addition to that, I thought that this could be a pretty good venue for my venting and will help me rant and release my anger and frustration but at the same time I can also rhapsodize about the good things in life, and not be a pessimistic shmuck. Anyhow, this first post is basically about nothing~! But dont worry, there will be many to come! So sit back and keep on checking regularly for news from all over, and most importantly, my insight and point of views...and occasional tales from my oh-so-busy and eventful life. Feel free to leave comments about what you think..positive feedback would be appreciated! Enjoy!

Ciao amigos!


Blogger Zeeshan Suhail said...

what bullshit is this?

1:34 PM  
Anonymous mehreen said...


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